Break down generational barriers for a stronger, more productive workforce

Businesses that bridge generational gaps have happier, more productive employeesand greater profitability as a result.

Strategies for Generational Inclusion at Work! explains how your business can get there.

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Strategies for Generational Inclusion autographed
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Shawn Johnson with her book, "Strategies for Generational Inclusion at Work"

✓ Boost Productivity

✓ Foster Innovation

✓ Increase Profitability

In today’s workplace, managers are struggling to appeal to the expectations of each generation.

Every generation brings their own expectations of the what the world of work should look like. When these expectations aren’t met, there is disengagement, lower productivity, and higher turnover.

Employees can feel:
  • Misunderstood
  • Unappreciated
  • Angry
  • Irrelevant